"Our specialty has been and will continue to be fixing and maintaining roofs in the Denver area since 1979"

Roofs aren’t supposed to leak … but eventually they all do. It may just be a damp spot on the ceiling or it may be a rushing torrent of water entering your house. Either way, you need to take care of that leak now or you might be looking at major damage. Jack’s Roofing is the recognized leader in roof repair in the Denver area. We find leaks and fix them right the first time. Why waste thousands of dollars on a new roof when you can safely extend the life of the one that you have. Call Jack’s Roofing. We will find your leak and fix it fast.

Residential Roofs

We handle all manner of residential roofing services including repair, shingle, shake shingle, tile and any other residential roofing systems.

Commercial Roofs

We offer Commercial roofing services including repair, flat roofs, shingle, shake shingle, tile, and any other commercial roof system.

Repairs and Inspections

We also offer preventative roof maintenance and inspection to make sure that your roof stays in top shape for many years to come.