About Us

   Jack’s Roofing has been a family run, service oriented business for over 34 years.  In 1979, Jack started the business with his wife Katina.  Soon they realized they needed a roofing expert on their team so Jack turned to his close friend Darrell.  Together, Jack and Darrell built a reputation for quality and excellence in roofing repair and maintenance.  As the years passed the company grew, but their mission stayed the same, delivering quality every time.

   Sadly, Jack passed away at the early age of 49.  Those who knew him, still miss him but his legacy lives on.  Jack’s Roofing is as strong today as it ever was.  Darrell has stayed on to continue to provide great customer service and expert roof repair.  Recently, Steve joined the team to breathe new life into the office operations and strategically expand the market for Jack’s Roofing.

   We are looking forward to many more great years at Jack’s Roofing.  We believe we can offer the best service for a very competitive rate.  When you experience a roof leak, call Jack’s Roofing.

   Your roof done right since 1979.

   -Member of Apartment Association of Metro Denver since 1979.

   -Fully licensed and insured.

   -Our staff has well over 35 years of experience and service.